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Good day, i haven’t written posts about 1C:Enterprise for a long, long time. I’ve always enjoyed writing about some amazing ideas. The main reason is that I decided some time ago that I wanted my work to change. I was stuck in the rut of sameness. Doing but not being. To tell the truth, i never likes 1C:Enterprise platform and most time of using it has huge number of bugs. I started to learn other programming languages deeply. So, i decided to work professionally with .NET after 8 years experience in 1C:Enterprise platform. Now i’ll write mostly only about .NET and brush up on English for myself. For a long time most of blog posts will be about passing technical interview. Also, i plan to write about many features of C# language. I hope, you enjoy it.

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  1. Послушал ваш доклад на Инфостарт 2018, круто. А что с C#, не срослось?

    1. Срослось, возможно, будем переносить логику сбора данных на .NET Core и Kafka.
      Первая попытка сбора данных была как раз на C#, но были проблемы с LINQ и построением графа зависимостей заданий + блокировки. Сейчас, вроде, все понятно как делать, но уже реализовано около 200 сценариев сбора данных в 1С.

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